Portfolio careers generally become an option after a significant period in a particular industry or role.  These routes are diverse and can include the private, public or third sectors as well as the military; while each brings a unique mix of management styles, approaches and language, each is common in representing a significant bank of skills and experiences that can be transferred.  While skills transfer is key to any career diversity, an assessment of attitude and aptitude is also important.  Perhaps most important is to consider and define personal career outcomes, and find a route to achieve them.

Through our career development course, seminar programmes, networking events and skills-specific courses, we have worked to promote insight into the various portfolio careers available.  At the heart of this approach is a focus on career preference.  Portfolio careers are an excellent opportunity to orientate a career around your goals and values as well as your skills; our work allows you to maintain a focus on your core skills while developing diversity in a career you control and enjoy.

Core areas of expertise are:

  • Skills Transfer
  • Career development strategy
  • Working with recruiters and getting hired
  • Business Development
  • Diversification
  • Leadership development