Pitching for Management

A message from Modwenna at Pitching for Management


Dear Reader

Last night I heard from Mike Rhodes of Allerayde that he has just found a COO/FD as a result of working with Pitching for Management. He joins George Frangou of Massive Analytic and Matt Cooksley of Make Positive in achieving recent success from working with us and joins the roll call of companies that have succeeded thanks to making a pitch. See a selection of our STORIES here.

We are now proving repeatedly that Pitching for Management works and we really want to get you involved.

All investors and even debt providers are more concerned with the quality of the management team than with any other single factor in a business. Not just before a funding, but afterwards too. We even help people hand over their businesses to new teams when they are ready. I am very proud that we are effective and that we offer very good value.

Next week we are holding events in SouthamptonBristol and Exeter. Why not come along and see for yourself what we can offer you – if you are a company we can find you the people who will take away the headaches. If you need or want to work in something where you will make a stunning difference – we will reinvigorate your life!

All the other events until Christmas can be found HERE.

Why not try us out? You can call me anytime to chat it through on 07736 676 212 or feel free to email me modwenna@angelnews.co.uk